May 26, 2011

ABC Recipe Swap: Desserts

Last week I got together with lots of ladies for a scrapbook recipe swap.  It was a lot of fun.  We did this before and we all loved it so much (and totally forgot about the last minute crunch to get it done) that we did it again with different themes.  This time the themes were desserts and kid favorites.  Last time around it was soups and casseroles.  Up first, desserts!

I was given the letters J and W.  "J" seems like a really easy letter for desserts, but I have failed miserably at every attempt to make a jelly roll, so I went the route of jello.  They were enjoyed and turned out great.

I decided for "W" to make whipped cream.  Homemade whipped cream is SOOOOO easy to make and tastes amazing.  With this recipe, it will work with 1/3 fat sour cream (if you are being calorie conscious) and you are suppose to use it within a day, but it typically holds up for me for about 2 days.

And for those of you who have never done an ABC recipe swap, you get a bunch of ladies together, randomly assign all the letters of the alphabet and set up your finish by date and hold a pot luck.  Sounds easy right?  This is why we scrap them in 6x6 inch cards.  Makes it look pretty and adds a little element of creativity and difficulty.  Also, in 6x6 size, you can buy scrapbook page sleeves in that size and put them in an album or on a stand.  More on the stands later...I am going to be making some.

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