May 2, 2011

Happy Dance!

Oh I am so incredibly happy right now.  I have my laptop up and running.  I feel like such a geeky goddess reformatting a computer.  Oh yes, the virus knocked out all of my antivirus software and disabled my system restore.  Awesome!  So, while it is up and running, I am still pulling photos, downloading software, bookmarking all my favorite sites, etc.  This I am sure will take a while.

I am also happy that  April is over.  That month really kicked my behind up one side and down the other.  Here's to hoping that May brings calmer waters for not only myself, but my family.

I am going to leave you with a taste of what I have been up to lately and this is also what you can look forward to seeing soon.

Logan Mat Cutter

Bosch Miter Saw

Triton Router

Porter Cable Brad Nailer

Are you curious?  Stay tuned to see how/what I used all these items to create.

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