May 24, 2011

Favorite Photo Tuesday #8

Last week, the kids and I headed out for some adventure.  An entire day out of the house.  It was wonderful.  Part of the day we found ourselves at Pioneer Park.  They have a bunch of rescue animals that the kids can eye and it's free.  To them, it's just as good as the zoo and not as much walking.  While we were checking out some of the birds, this much LARGER bird decided to land on the roof and check us out.

Not what I wanted giving my children the evil eye, but he kept his a lovely 10-12 feet.  Aside from the creepy feeling, I am proud of this shot.  I was using my telephoto lens and I am super happy to say this shot has had no editing (other than adding the tag).  Normally I have to adjust the white balance or crop or something.  Not this time!  I think after I have taken 3-4 thousand shots now from my new camera...I am finally getting the hang of it!!! 

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