September 23, 2011

Fall Is Here!

Hallelujah, fall is here!  It has been a very long, hot, DRY summer here in Southeast Texas.  I saw on the news a week or so ago that we left the box indicating extreme drought...they made a new box that we are in that is called exceptional drought.  It has been the driest and warmest summer on record EVER!  I am hoping that now it is fall that it will bring some cooler and wetter weather.

While, I haven't started any fall projects (because we are still rocking the 90-100 degree weather here) and I just can't get motivated.  Back to school and this heat has sucked the life out of me.  I have had enough energy to pin away and try to find my inspiration and motivation.  I think it has helped and I have a few projects sitting in my craft room that I am going to start working on in the next week. 

If you want to follow my pins, you can find me here on Pinterest.

Beautiful apple candles.  I wonder if they smell like apples when you start burning the candles inside of them?

Source: here

Sewn oak leaf bowls, made from fabric.

Source: here

Yummy looking candy corn cupcakes.  Best looking candy corn I have ever seen.

Source: here

And I am seriously contemplating a spin off of this costume for myself this year.

Source: here

So what are you liking on Pinterest these days?  Any great fall projects that I need to see? 

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