September 27, 2011

Favorite Photo Tuesday #24

I don't do product photography very well.  I have been working on it, especially since starting a blog.  I am learning the importance of angle, lighting, background, etc.  Some of my favorite blogs also have the best product photography.  For me, it's easy to capture a look, a moment, an action.  All of those have warmth, because they have life.  Taking a photo of an inanimate object, you really have to create the moment.

This week I am showing off the absolutely evil (and I mean evil) brownie cheesecake that was requested of me to make.  Hubby, I love you, and this proves it.  My personal trainer is going to kill me this week.

In order to make my brownie cheesecake, I followed the Better Homes and Gardens Cheesecake Supreme recipe, but folded in half a package of broken up brownies right before adding the cheesecake mixture to the pan.  This actually made two small cheesecakes.  It was so tasty.  It is pure evil.  I will be pawning off one of those cheesecakes on someone. 

Does this photo make you hungry?  I have brownie cheesecake if anyone wants to come over and help me eat it?

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