September 28, 2011

Earth and Water

I actually named a pen.  I am calling it Earth and Water.  This pen about caused me to have a heart attack!  One of the drawbacks to turning wood on a has the tendency to spontaneously explode.  There were several times that I thought it was going to come flying in pieces at me. 

It obviously didn't.  It is by far my proudest piece of work on the lathe as of date.  Can you believe it all started as a small block of wood infused with acrylic.  You can see a detailed step by step of making a pen here.

What do you think of Earth and Water?  Isn't it spectacular?!?  I love it.  Definitely one that I will not be selling.

I have also entered this lovely piece into a pen turning contest at my local Woodcraft store.  So if any of my Houston readers are out there, please swing by Southwest Houston Woodcraft store and vote for me!  There is a $25 gift card on the line!  : )  Voting is open for the entire month of October.

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