September 7, 2011

Going Bananas

Maben this year is attending two separate preschools.  One is through the school district and is turning out to  be rather fabulous.  Then he will attend the church preschool he went to last year, but for only a few days a week.  This place is also rather fabulous.  So, while I got to share going back to school photos once, I kinda get to do it again. 

The church preschool themes their classrooms and Maben's classroom this year is the "Treetop Jungle."  Think monkeys...and lots of them.  The school provides a bag and the parents get to decorate them. 

So, here is the cute bag.  I came up with the brilliant idea of painting Maben's name on the bag.  That isn't the brilliant part...the brilliant part is that I was going to make all the letters out of bananas!

I gathered up my acrylic paints, the fabric medium and got to town on it.  I think it looks rather cute. 

I wish I could have had crisper lines, but the texture of the bag made it very difficult.

Maben loved it.  That is what matters.  He was very proud to sling it over his shoulder and walk into school yesterday.

That excitement was quickly squashed when we walked into the gym to find his class.  Parents and kids everywhere!  Lots of them, and it was loud.  This all sent poor Maben into full blown anxiety mode and he was no longer thrilled to be there.

However, once he left the gym and got to his classroom, I was assured that he relaxed and enjoyed himself.  He also declared as soon as I picked him up, "Mommy, I love this school!" 

And that statement made my heart melt.

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