October 11, 2011

Favorite Photo Tuesday #22

Last week I was at an awesome nursery called Enchanted Gardens.  It's where I buy almost all of my plants.  Seriously, the best nursery ever.  The placement their plants, gardens and decor is very well thought out and they have several landscaped gardens to show off some of the plants they sell as well as showcase their landscaping business. 

Well, this photo is in one of those gardens with me laying on the ground and my boys not wanting their picture taken while sitting in a garden cart.  They went from super happy to very mad when I stopped pulling them. 

Who says a great photo has to have the kid smiling? 

I love the look I am getting from Colton and how I am getting shunned from Maben.  I think it's important to capture a range of looks/emotions, other than the, "say cheese," look.  I also think that the angle of the photo definitely highlights their distaste for my wanting to stop and take their picture. 

Oh, how I love this photo!

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