October 3, 2011

Hail To The King Baby!

This weekend, the Alamo Drafthouse (by far the best place to see a movie ever) was celebrating Bruce Campbell Day with an autograph signing, photo op, Q&A session with Bruce Campbell and then showing Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness.  If you have no idea who Bruce Campbell is, you may know him as Sam Axe from Burn Notice.

The man is HILARIOUS!  I missed out on the autograph signing, but was there for the Photo Op, Q&A and Evil Dead.  I couldn't spend 12 hours there like my hubby because of the kids, but I truly enjoyed the time that I was there.

With the amount of weapons Bruce has wielded in the movies, I decided to make Bruce one of my 50 cal pens.  He signed my husband's book, "If Chins Could Kill," with it!  Then when the photo op came up I gave it to him.  Love the look on his face!  Bruce Campbell is now the proud owner of one of my pens!  Groovy! 

Bruce takes great photos!  He did something different in almost every photo.  I wonder what the people thought of the bunny ears they received from Bruce (that they were completely unaware of)?  Yeah he totally did that.

The actual pen that I gave Bruce.

The Q&A session was great.  Bruce is a great speaker and a great story teller.  By far my favorite story he told was about the fan he hated the most, the fan he just wanted to push in front of a bus.  Instead of actually doing it, he did it in a movie.  The other story (which I had heard before) was how he and Jeffery Donovan accidentally caught a tank on fire while visiting the soldiers in Iraq.  He also had a quick discussion with my hubby referring to my husband's tank as his own, since he is a tax payer.

It was a great night, a lot of fun and completely memorable.  My hubby is a huge Bruce Campbell fan and I have become an even bigger fan than I previously was.  It's great to see someone famous completely live up to and surpass your expectations!

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