October 1, 2011

A Great Gift

I showed you a few weeks ago Maben's super cute baker's hat and apron here.  Well, I made another one as a gift for my best friend's little girl who celebrated her 4th birthday last weekend.

We made the trek all the way from Houston up to Austin for the party and it was a lot of fun.  When it came to opening presents, Ashlyn was having a lot of fun and enjoying (almost) all of them.  She loved what I made her, which melted my heart.

Are those not the best faces ever?  I love that a 4 year old can't hide their feelings.  Too cute!

After the party, Ashlyn was able to try on the apron and put the hat on properly.

She loved it!  She also wore the perfect pants.  What better to wear with a baker's hat and apron than cupcake print pants?!?

Too bad this cutie and her mama don't live closer.  Maben loves every time he gets to spend with Ashlyn, they always have a lot of fun.

The two little partners in crime fighting.  They both have a small obsession with super heroes.  The mask is actually Ashlyn's and Maben tried to bring it home with us.

We look forward to seeing cutie Ashlyn again!  We are so happy that we got to spend your birthday with you.

If you want the links to the patterns for the hat and apron, they are on my post here.

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