May 14, 2012

My Amazing Mother's Day

Matt asked me what I wanted for Mother's day and I told him, I want a membership to the zoo and to do a family day there.  Well, he delivered and gave me exactly what I wanted!  It was fantastic!  We started off the day with our Sunday donuts, packed our lunch, loaded the kids and headed out the door.

We were first highly entertained by an elephant playing with a tractor tire.  This elephant, you could tell loved the attention.  He would put the tire on, then take it off.  We saw him do it at least 3 times.  What a show off!

Colton did a full pull up to put his face into the mask.  I wish I could have caught the bottom of his feet in the photo.

We ate our lunch looking out at the giraffes, then bought some lettuce to go feed them.  The boys and I loved this!

Maben was brave and fed the giraffe all by himself.  Colton and Matt fed one, then I fed the last piece of lettuce to the giraffe.  Such a really cool experience!

The boys climbed on the giraffe statue (trying to ride him) while Matt went and bought tickets for the carousel.

Colton didn't want to ride any of the animals and sat with Daddy instead.

Maben wanted to sit on the gorilla, or the monkey, or the chimpanzee, but had to settle for the panda bear as those were all taken before he got to them.  Even though he didn't get what he wanted, he acted so much older than his 4 years and didn't get upset at all!  The cutest thing is he called it the ferrisel.  He combined ferris wheel with carousel.

The spectacled bear is one of my favorites and is always a ham for the camera.  Here he is giving his best Elvis impression, while hanging out in a pool of water.

Here was one of Matt's favorites.  Some day he will go back to Africa to see one of these.

It was a wonderful couple of hours at the zoo.  We actually wore the kids down to the point that Maben fell asleep in the wagon.  Once that happened we packed up and headed for the exit.  After we got home, we all relaxed and then I was treated to dinner.

I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day!  Thank you Matt for getting me exactly what I wanted.  I look forward to taking the kids to the zoo often.  Also, thank you for the photo of me and the boys.  It's nice to be on the other side of the camera occasionally.

I hope all the other mothers out there felt as loved and special as I did for mother's day.  Much love to you all!

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