May 29, 2012

Photo 366 #22

It feels like summer.  Lots of working outdoors this week, my summertime flowers are blooming and the kids are playing in the water.  Life is good.

May 22 - The boys actually let me take a few photos of them together!!!  They are getting so big.

May 23 - I almost forgot to take a photo.  So, I took a photo of the coils inside the burned out heating element from my dryer.  Then I went to bed.

May 24 - My first canna bloomed.  It's a vivid hot pinkish/orange with bright yellow spots near the center of the flower.  It's gorgeous, but so over saturated with color that it is difficult to photograph.  I converted it to a black and white.

May 25 - I revisited my canna.  I failed again at getting a good shot in color.  I will going to try and learn how to take a great photo of something over saturated in color.

May 26 - A beautiful question mark butterfly.  The whole family was out at my favorite garden center, Enchanted Gardens and this beauty floated in and landed on one of the plant stands.  He let us get close enough that the kids and I could get a good look.  I was about 24 inches from him when I captured the photo.

May 27 - We bought a bag of lady bugs at the garden center to release in our yard.  Here is one inspecting my roses for anything to eat.

May 28 - The unofficial kick-off to summer.  My next door neighbor had her grandsons over and set up the slip and slide.  Here is Maben trying to get Colton to the end of it.  He wasn't exactly slipping or sliding here.  I cannot stop laughing at this photo!

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  1. Sounds like a great holiday weekend...and the butterfly is gorgeous.


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