May 16, 2012

Photo 366 #20

Sorry this is getting up late.  I have been deprived of sleep from a kitten that was stuck up in a tree.  The kitten and my dogs kept me up most of Monday night.  Once I heard it about dusk on Tuesday I employed my husband to help me find it.  He did most of the work.  The kitten (completely feral) decided to jump out of the tree and found itself in another predicament at about 3 am.  I am hoping for more sleep and no dogs barking because they hear a kitten crying. 

Yesterday I also had to fix the dryer because the heating element went out.  More on that later this week.

May 8 - Since Maben has a summer birthday, he got to celebrate his birthday at school.  He was sung to on stage, got to bring in a treat.  He chose s'mores on a stick.  Here he is with his crown which he wore the entire morning at school.

May 9 - We were at our favorite duck feeding pond and this egret had come up with quite the ingenious hunting technique.  Wait for the bread to attract fish and then eat them.  Smart bird.  I've been trying to get close to one of these for a while, who knew all I needed was some stale bread?

May 10 - This day was water day at Maben's preschool.  Maben had a blast until a kid wiped shaving cream all over him (thankfully that was close to the end of water day).  Colton on the other hand was grumpy at the very beginning, up until the homemade car wash.  I think I might be investing in some PVC pipe this summer.

May 11 - We went out to dinner and while we were heading to the car, it started raining again.  It had been hot and humid most of the day, then while loading a kid into the car I got hit with a very cold wind, a couple pieces of hail and I thought to myself, "this is tornado weather."  Well, it really was, as we drove away from the restaurant, we were able to see a large wall cloud with rotation.  Thankfully no tornado touched down.  I did however take a panoramic photo of my street after the wall cloud had passed to the south of us.

May 12 - Matt bought the boys some rubber band airplanes.  Here is Maben attempting to get his to fly.  They were really fickle.  I need to find the foam ones that launch with a rubber band.

May 13 - You saw quite a few of my photos of the zoo already.  Here is another one.

May 14 - Tis the season of the bees.  I saw my first ground bee on Monday.  This is a type of solitary bee that nests in sandy soil.  Thankfully they are completely not aggressive, however we will be avoiding all playgrounds with sand for the next month.

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