May 22, 2012

Photo 366 #21

Nature is definitely inspiring me these days.  I love watching the birds with the kids at the feeder in the backyard.  Summer has officially hit here in Texas, we have had a few days that have hit in the 90's.  Soon enough we will all turn into fish, because it is the only way to survive a Texas summer.  While it's still bearable, we are enjoying the sunshine and getting out often.

May 15 - While waiting for Maben to get out of school, I snapped this photo of this gorgeous flower in the butterfly garden.

May 16 - Testing out if I could take a decent photo through dirty glass with my telephoto lens.  Not bad, especially if you could see how badly I need to wash windows.

May 17 - Another parent pointed out a baby mockingbird in one of the trees at the school.  Maben was quite fascinated with it.  We even got to watch mama bird come with some bugs to feed it.

May 18 - Getting much better at taking photos through my dirty kitchen window.  I like this shot of the blue jay much more.

May 19 - The boys and I ventured up to ride the miniature trains and pick blueberries.  Here is Maben waiting very patiently for the trains while wearing his conductor hat.

May 20 - I was lucky enough to be in the path of the eclipse (unfortunately not the path that saw the ring of fire).  I took Maben out to the middle of nowhere so we could watch the eclipse set on the horizon.  Maben though it was, "cool."  This photo is me also trying my hand at an HDR (high dynamic range) photograph.  I love it!

May 21 - My first tomato!  A big thanks to my friend Laura for starting them from seed and giving me some.


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