January 24, 2011

Art Nouveau Inspired Painting

I have an idea book that I was flipping through last night and came across this.

My interpretation of this was that they were either flowers or balloons.  I chose flowers and used this as my inspiration for a watercolor painting.  I did a light pencil drawing on watercolor paper, so light in fact that I couldn't get a decent photo to show you.  So this next photo was taken after I had laid down all the watercolor.  I planned on taking a photo before I started to outline everything with my marker, but I got distracted by my kids and came back and forget about it until part way through, as seen below.

I chose colors that would overlap well.  Painting this gave me some flashbacks to my childhood and me playing with different colored transparency film in elementary art class to teach us about combining colors to make new colors.  Here is a detail photo of the "flowers."

Now, here is the completed painting.  As a little FYI, the lines are actually straight in real life, the lens on my camera does a little fish eye on things when I do macro shots.  The final painting is 9x12 inches (that includes the white border).

I haven't thought of a title for this painting yet.  I also haven't decided what I am going to do with it.  I really just wanted to brush up on my watercolor, since I haven't done one in almost two years.  Which is embarrassing for me, since it is my favorite medium to work in.  I am more than a little rusty and hope to remedy that soon.

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