January 12, 2011

I Could Do That: Spiced Mug Mats

My MIL gave me a set of spiced mug mats for Christmas.  I had never seen these before but they are a really awesome gift, especially since I am a coffee drinker.  They look a little 'folksy' for my taste which got me thinking, I could do that!  I could totally make a set out of a way cuter fabric.

So I offered one up as a sacrifice and dissected it.  As I found out, much simpler than I could have imagined.

We have our fabric, a layer of batting, the potpourri, a second layer of batting and then fabric.

After a little poking around on the internet, (how I love the internet and google search) I discovered that the potpourri used is dried orange peel.  Smells absolutely heavenly!

So I have now taken the liberty of ordering some fabric to reproduce some for gifts (and a set for myself of course).  I am also going to poke around a little more on the internet to see if I should make my own potpourri or just buy some and I have some batting laying around my art room.  So, once I have everything together I will make a few and post a tutorial.  So stay tuned for that!

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