January 26, 2011

All Those Great Ideas

If you are like me, you often see great ideas of things you want to make but just may not have the time, money or items to make it.  You then throw it on that mental list that likes to randomly erase things and forget about it.  Well, that's usually what happens to me.  I figured out a solution to that problem.  I have created an idea book.

I managed to find, while cleaning my house, over 400 page protectors and lots of empty binders.  I took one of the binders and lots of page protectors and have been sliding in all those great ideas, from magazines, online, etc.  It is definitely helping me clear the clutter, since I had been holding onto a few magazines that had some great ideas in them.  My magazine pile is getting much smaller now.  I also now have a project list that keeps getting longer.

I even found lots of dividers too.  I haven't filled the idea book enough yet to divide them into categories, but they are there for when I need them. 

On the right side, it is the front of the article that I wanted to recreate.  Behind them is any other pages or ideas that are similar.  The very front page shown in the top photo is new ideas on how to recreate your family tree, from Martha Stewart Living.  The bottom photo, on the left is the rest of the article on recreating the family tree and on the right is another idea that I liked.  Fairly straightforward and simple, but I have a feeling it is going to be super useful.  Now I need to print out all those PDF tutorials that I have saved...just in case something happens to my computer.

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