January 25, 2011

Ocean Mist

Last night after the kids went to bed I decided I needed some power tool therapy.  Seriously, this is better than a shrink!  Power tools have a calming effect, I think it's the ability to create, destroy and the white noise.  Anways, I needed to destress so I decided to turn a pen.

I chose an acrylic blank called ocean mist.  Ooohhh, isn't it pretty?

Check out me in my safety gear.  The mask is needed as the acrylic has a tendancy to throw little pieces of plastic at you, which can hurt.

The unfortunate part of turning pens, they can do what is called a blow out.  The blank on the right as you can see had a blow out, but I still had the one on the left.

So, instead of getting two pens done, I only got one.  Oh well, the one turned out well and is really pretty.  See!

Another angle.  The only thing that caught me by surprise with this is you can see the brass pen tube through some of it.  The acrylic was a mix of opaque colors and translucent colors and I thought it was only opaque.  Oh well, the shiny brass tube actually adds to this, so YAY for happy accidents.

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