January 5, 2011

Look What I Found

I went to my local used bookstore the other day and couldn't believe what I found, the book that would become my sewing bible.  It is a Singer Sewing Book from 1972.  There are 500 pages of sewing goodness.  I can't believe how detailed this book is and it is extremely more useful than my 7th grade home economics education that my sewing has been coasting on...and what I have picked up from tutorials on the internet.

The chapters are set up easily and very detailed.  I was surprised when it even covered curtains, slipcovers and bedspreads. 
  • A place to sew
  • Your sewing machine
  • What you should know about color and fabric
  • Beginning to sew
  • Pattern Preliminaries
  • Fitting the pattern to your figure
  • Laying out pattern and cutting
  • Assembling your work
  • Pressing as you sew
  • Fitting as you sew
  • Seams, seams, seams
  • Underlining and lining
  • Darts, tucks and gathers
  • Buttonholes without tears
  • Pick a pretty pocket
  • Neckline finishes
  • Waistline joinings and waistbands
  • Sleeve styles and finishes
  • Homeward bound: zippers, hems, belts and buttons
  • Pleats and godets
  • Fabrics that require special handling
  • Hand sewing - plain and fancy
  • Decorative touches
  • Zig-zag sewing
  • Using your machine accessories
  • Sewing for children
  • Tips on mending
  • Graduate to tailoring
  • Introduction to home decorating
  • A look at your windows
  • Success with curtains
  • Set the stage with draperies
  • Top it off with a valance or cornice
  • Brighten your room with slipcovers
  • Make your own bedspreads
  • The many faces of knits
  • Glossary of sewing terms
  • Index
Can you believe how much it covers?!?!?  The best part, I paid less than a dollar for this book!  I am going back again this week to see what else I can possibly find.  Who knows, maybe I can find the quilting counterpart to this book.  Check out your local used book store and see what treasure you can find.

I will leave you with a few snapshots of some pages from the book that will teach me so much!

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