January 17, 2011

Pot Holders

I am hooked on Prudent Baby.  I love that blog and I can say, that was the blog that made me want to get into sewing.  They have so many cute projects and tutorials over there.  Anyways, I used their Pretty Potholders tutorial found here as a guide and made one myself.  Now, mine is not perfect, because I did not follow the tutorial step by step.  Now that I have made a few mistakes, I can correct them and make a better one.  I am thinking for my next one to make it a round pot holder.  Hmmm...yes, I like that idea.

Anyways, here is the front and back of the potholder I made last night.  I have some quilted details and a pocket.  Overall, I think it turned out cute and am pretty happy with it.

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