February 7, 2012

Photo 366 #6

January 31 - Waiting on all my gals for book club.  Absolutely loved my choice for the book club.  Born to Run is an amazing and very inspirational book.  Made me want to go out for a run and also solidified my choice in footwear for running, working out and other various activities.

February 1 - An amazing daytime moon.

February 2 - My handsome little guy actually throwing a "cheese" smile to the camera.  A very rare instance lately.

February 3 - A budgerigar hanging out on the shopping carts as I was walking into my local HEB.

February 4 - I almost forgot to take a photo, so I snapped one of my lens that has been giving me all these great bird shots.

February 5 - The boys entertaining themselves at my husband's new office.  We were busy hanging pictures.

February 6 - This guy surprised the kids and I on our walk to school.  We walked under a tree and I saw his head snap and focus on us.  The kids thought it was so exciting and so did I.  We were really close to him!


  1. Your moon looks great! I took a night shot of the moon on Sunday http://www.sewrockin.com/2012/02/05/project-365-day-36-cloudy-moon/.

    And that bird is awesome...it's so hard to get close to them sometimes!

  2. That Moon brings out my jealous face :P


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