February 3, 2012

{P}Inspiration: Oven Baked Fried Pickles

Since joining Pinterest, I have spent far too many hours on there.  I finally decided after seeing this pin for Oven Baked Fried Pickles that I had to try them.

Verdict: DELICIOUS! 

The bonus, really easy to make.  The only thing that the recipe didn't describe well, you need to dry your pickles first.  I placed mine out on some paper towels while I got the batter ready. 

I used the larger pickle slices and dipped them in a yogurt ranch dressing.  If I was going to save some calories by not frying them, I wasn't going to add them by dipping in regular ranch.  If you haven't tried a yogurt ranch/bleu cheese dressing, definitely try them.  I personally like Bolthouse Farms. 

Colton wasn't sure about the first bite, but as soon as he took a bite, it was all over from there.  He didn't want to eat anything else for dinner.  So, if you like pickles, give these a try.  I will be making them again...soon!

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