February 28, 2012

Photo 366 #9

Lots of outdoor time was had this week.  I have put in over 30 new plants in the ground in the past two weeks.  The kids have played in the dirt even more and we have been out and about at the parks quite a bit.  The weather  has been quite wonderful.  I am sure some of my photos reflect that.

February 21 - I beautiful bloom from the Nun's Orchid I planted in my front flower bed.  So pretty!

February 22 - A pair of geese that swam by while the boys were playing at the park nearby. 

February 23 - Maben spotted this Question Mark butterfly on the way home from school.  The reason why it's called a Question Mark is due to the white mark on it's wing that looks like what else...a question mark.

February 24 - Doing a trial class at a new gym in town.  The boys had fun, but at their prices...not enrolling them.

February 25 - I have mentioned that I have been taking a stained glass class.  Well, have a look at my third project as a work in progress. 

February 26 - After working in the yard all morning and most of the afternoon, a well deserved ice cream break was called. 

February 27 - Colton and I headed to the duck park in search of what wildlife we could find.  Well, some of them came flying right at us!  These poor Muscovy ducks assumed we had food. 

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  1. The Butterfly shot, and these turkey geese, awesome!


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