February 14, 2012

Photo 366 #7

So there are two things that are very evident from my photos this week.  I am really digging the awesome hawks and I love my boys!  I would love to take a truly inspired photo everyday, but it's just not realistic for me.  I do love that I am capturing everyday moments, because they are the moments that I reflect on.  They are the moments that I really cherish and this week, there are a few of those moments.

February 7 - Peek-a-boo!  Another Sharp-shinned hawk.

February 8 - I finally caught a great picture of Maben's beautiful eyes.  They are a hazel/green and not just any green, they have a tendency to be an olive green.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous. 

February 9 - I spotted a very fluffy looking red tailed hawk hanging out on the power lines on a windy day.

February 10 - My boys having lots of fun.  Who doesn't like to dog pile?

February 11 - Hubby and his lumber rack.  Finally complete!

February 12 - Maben presented daddy with his Valentine early.

February 13 - Maben gauging my response.  Smart little guy!

1 comment:

  1. I love that shot. "If I put a toe in and she doesn't react, I'm making the biggest splash you have ever see!"


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