February 21, 2012

Photo 366 #8

This week, spring has sprung.  South Texas has definitely not had a winter this year.  Not even a single night below freezing.   I am super happy to report that we are starting to recover from the worst drought in history.  Lots of rain and warm weather has been greatly needed for the recovery.  Due to all that warm weather and rain, everything thinks it's spring.

February 14 - Colton was so tired that he fell asleep in the stroller on the walk to school to pick up Maben.  I decided since he was a willing subject for photos, I would play with some of my camera's filters.  This one is a retro with sepia tint.  No photoshopping this pic, other than adding my mark.

February 15 - I have been seeing air plants all over the place.  I think I should start plucking them off of random trees in my neighborhood and selling them.

February 16 - Some pretty yellow flowers in bloom near a park we frequent.

February 17 - Maben had the day off from school, so we headed down to the Children's Museum.  Maben was also sent home with the class "pet" for the weekend.  Of course Jojo had to come along.

February 18 - I almost forgot to take a photo.  So here is a photo of my nighttime snack.

February 19 - A beautiful rose from the bouquet that my hubby sent me for Valentine's day.  Thanks for the flowers hunny!

February 20 - Maben helping me put in a lot of plants.  I was serious when I said that spring was already here.  I have also pulled enough weeds to prove that!

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