April 18, 2011

I Had a Fabulous Weekend and Announcing a Winner!

My son's school had their Spring Fling Friday night.  Hubby was able to drag himself away from work early enough to join us.  The preschool bench was auctioned off and it went for much higher than I could have imagined.  You can read all about it here.  It made me feel amazing that people appreciated the bench as much as I do.  I would have loved to bring it back home and put it in my yard, but it flew right out of my price range.  Good thing I know how to build one!

There were a lot of fun and games at the Spring Fling and the boys spent a good amount of time in the bounce house.  Colton proved to be quite a bruiser and held his own among the older kids.  He had a blast.

Saturday morning I went to my woodworking club meeting.  It was eventful and it looks like our group is merging with another club!  Who knew there were two clubs in my area.  Awesome!  The leader of our woodworking club also invited us all over to his house and let us pick through his scrap pile of lumber.  Hubby and I brought a bit of it home...oh the ideas going through my head.  I then headed out to 24 hour fitness, we had a brand new one open up and it was their grand opening.  It's a few miles further than the one I normally go to, but half of the cardio equipment has their own personal tv's.  SOLD!  I think I will hit that one up more often.

Sunday hubby actually got to spend the day with us!  That was nice.  We spent part of the day at the mall shopping.  He needed more work clothes and I needed more summer appropriate clothing that fit.  I'M IN A SIZE 6 NOW!!!!!!!!

Today I also decided to paint the mailbox post.  I painted it the same color as the house.  I even used the same paint...even though in the photos it looks much lighter in color than the house.  Now I need to get the paint to do the numbers on the side of the box.  I tried to buy it today, but my ACE Hardware sucks and decided not to carry the spray paint that was on sale.  Booo!  Oh well, it will get done...eventually.

Since you have hung with me this long, I should probably announce the winner of my very first giveaway!

sabrinalauren you are the winner!

Congrats and I will be in contact with you to find out which pen you want me to send you!  

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