April 9, 2011

Post Surgery Update and a Few Photos

So, if anyone has been following my blog you might have picked up on the fact that I had surgery on Tuesday.  It was suppose to be for the removal of a pesky cyst from my uterus.  Suppose to be...

Palm tree located in the parking lot of the surgical center.

Anyways, back to that pesky cyst.  It's been confirmed by ultrasound to have been there for a few months and has been causing me issues for much longer than that.

The ugly view from my bed, pre-surgery.  Could those curtains seriously be any more hideous?  Why must all hospitals/surgical centers be a mix of white, gray and slate blue?

Anways, the doctor went into my uterus to remove that pesky cyst to find that it received it's eviction notice already and decided to move out all on it's own.

The post surgery talk I had with my doctor went something like this (to the best of my drugged up knowledge and without all the swearing).

Doctor: So, here are the photos of your uterus...and there was no cyst.
Me: What happened to it?
Doctor: I don't know?
Me: What did we see in the ultrasound?
Doctor: A cyst.
Me: Then where did it go?
Doctor: I don't know?

Seriously, this is how my luck with works when it comes to the medical field.  I cannot consider anything a success until I have completely confused the entire staff and myself. 

Anways...I was discharged and given the instructions to go straight home, rest and try not to eat anything because it will more than likely make me sick.  So what did I do?  I requested that my hubby stop by Freebirds (like Chipotle but way better) so I can get my grub on and eat a burrito.  Thank you manager at Freebirds for giving me a complimentary post-surgery brownie, it was delicious!

BTW, if you enlarge the photo, you will see that granny from Sweet Leaf Tea is even mocking my experience.  The Grannyism on the cap of my drink says "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow."  Real funny granny!  Also, that brownie does say, "Pot Brownies Make Me Happy."  Don't worry, not that type of pot.

I got my grub on, hubby took me home and I have been trying to relax and recover from a surgery that ended up not being necessary (I still feel like I got hit by a mack truck).  My MIL has been here all week helping out with the kids.  It has made it much easier to put my feet up and relax a little, now only if the construction crew on my house would stop banging outside my window EVERY time I lay down for a nap.  I hope to be back to my regular self sometime next week.

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