April 6, 2011


There are several trends that I have noticed that are sweeping blogland.  Some of them I am completely digging and others I would NEVER incorporate into my life.  We all have our own separate tastes, this will give you an insight into some of mine.

Trends that I am totally in love with:

Subway art.  I love that it is customizable or could be completely generic and anyone can do it. 

The awesome amount of boy fabrics!  I don't have little girls, but I have found that I love to sew.  I am happy that my choices are growing almost exponentially for cute fabrics that I can use for some boy projects.

Women DIYers.  In a field that is so dominated by men, it is nice to see some women stepping in and taking charge. You ladies rock!

Trends that I am NOT digging:

A wreath for every occasion.  I hang a wreath for Christmas, I might even make one for spring/summer, but I don't really feel the need to have one for every holiday/event/minor holiday etc.  Call me lazy, but I just don't change out my decorating that often.  I also just don't have the space to store 12 wreaths in my house.  Who knows, I might change my mind about this once the construction on my house is complete.   I couldn't bring myself to post a photo of a few tacky wreaths that I have seen lately because the creators were so proud of them. 

White!  Everything being white.  Yes, I understand the nice clean look white brings, but I do not have the time, nor care to keep it looking THAT white.  I have two boys, two dogs and a husband, I don't like to bleach everything in my home.  When I see a ton of white, it reminds me of hospitals and I spend way too much time in hospitals (had surgery yesterday).  It is not a color that is inviting and I love color.  White is actually the absence of all color.

Chevron stripes.  I like them, but feel completely overwhelmed with how often I am seeing them.  In my opinion a little goes a long ways and I am seeing it taken just too far.  I have really liked some chevron pillows that I have seen lately, I do not like an entire wall or full sized area rug done with a chevron stripe, it just overloads my senses.

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What trends are you loving/hating out there in blogland?  I would love to hear from you.


  1. Fun post! A trend I am loving is the gazillions of new floral prints popping up. I am a floral junkie - truly. I'm not a girly-girl at all but I EAT floral fabric. Hating? Wreaths. I don't think I can physically withstand seeing another one.


  2. I don't know how I completely skipped over your mention of wreaths! Must have been the lack of a tacky wreath picture to draw me in ;D

    Way to be original, me. Backpat.

  3. Fun! Boy fabrics are fantastic! I'm enjoying looking at all the cute little boy stuff again (now that Ben is fairly opinionated about his own things).
    Wreaths - I can't keep a bunch of wreaths but I do like to have something hang on my front door so one for each season is kind of what I lean towards. Actually spring/summer, fall/winter, and Christmas. So 3. :)
    Glad you're home and doing pretty well. Keep us posted on what you find out! Craziness!

  4. New to your blog (From Mommagoround).

    I so agree with the chevrons, and the white (mom to 2 boys too).

    I don't even own a wreath...not even for Christmas!lol


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