April 11, 2011

Bluebonnets...Almost a Bust!

Saturday, my hubby, the kids, my MIL and I all hopped into the car and headed out to Brenham and Chappell Hill, TX.  These towns are notorious for their bluebonnets.  Well, the day was a total bust.  We saw next to nothing.  We are in a severe drought right now so there were hardly even any weeds alive, let alone wildflowers.  Disappointing to say the least.

So, I hit up my friends on Facebook and asked if anyone knew of any good places locally.  I should have done this last weekend, but I got a few leads and found some bluebonnets.  Now, they are not impressive at all...actually, this year's bluebonnets are about half the size they normally are.  So, while hubby had to work and MIL flew home, I packed up the kids with a friend of mine and we hit up the bluebonnets yesterday morning.

I didn't manage to get very many good photos this morning.  Neither one of the kids wanted to look at myself or even up from the ground.  Below is my favorite photo of my boys from this morning.

Maben was trying to show Colton how the flowers smell pretty.  Everytime this happened, Colton would sneeze.  It was cute and quite funny, but didn't make for great photos.

I did manage to snap a few really cute photos of my friend's little girl.  Isn't she a cutie?  Anyways, you can see how disappointing the bluebonnets this year were compared to last shown here.

Since I wasn't totally satisfied with the photos from this morning, after dinner last night I packed up the kids and my hubby and we headed back out.

Much better light, happier kids and the help of a hubby made for much better photos.

My hubby does a great job of making a total fool of himself to get our kiddos to laugh and smile.  We also managed to find a great field of evening primrose nearby.  This field was far more impressive than the bluebonnets.

We all had a great evening together and I am so happy to be able to have that family time together.  It was definitely needed, especially with all the craziness that has ensued around here lately.

Here's to hoping that the bluebonnets are magnificent next year.  As for this year, I will take what I can get and make the best of it.  I love you Matt, Maben and Colton.  You boys are my world!

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  1. I can picture Matt making the kids laugh - isn't it awesome to have a husband who is willing to do that?!? Great pics from the evening shoot!


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