March 17, 2012

Nothing Like Experience

There is truly nothing better than experience.  I am probably low balling the number when I say that I have taken 75,000 photographs since Maben was born.  Over my life, it's well over 100,000.  I love being able to look back at photos that I have recreated to see how much I have grown.

Scenery: Beautiful and similar
Pose: The exact same (this is Maben's go to pose)
Lighting: I have learned!

Let me dissect the lighting in these photos. 

In 2010, there is a harsh sun behind the subject, creating harsh shadows on the face.  I had no reflector, did not use the flash, just figured since it was light out that was enough.  Not the case. 

In this year's photo, a thin cloud covered sky, late in the day which gave the great golden glow.  The light is coming from behind me.  Overall, a much better photograph with just a change in the lighting. 

I have grown and learned due to my passion for photography.  My passion and desire drove me to dissect and analyze my photographs with a constructive eye.  I now look for a better photo, wait for the right moment, set it up better so therefore I can take better quality photographs and not worry so much on the quantity.  I mean, why take 20 photos if you can get it in 3?

Now, be prepared to be sick of bluebonnets.  Tis the season for the wildflowers and the bluebonnets are one of my favorites!  I will be taking off for many more outings in wildflowers while they last.


  1. Nothing better than practice practice practice in Photography, so much to learn! You did beautifully with your cute sons portrait. Let me know any areas you find-I'm on the lookout for the wildflowers as well :)

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