March 16, 2012

What I'm Working On

I have not been blogging much as I seem to have a million and one things currently going on.  I have a tutorial in the works that I can't seem to get complete.  It will happen one day.  I have two large projects that I am working on for my son's preschool fair.  See one of them below.  It will blow your mind when it's done (I hope). 

I still have my stained glass piece to complete.  That probably won't happen until after the preschool fair stuff is done as I am focusing my efforts there.

I have also had to do some graphic design.  Here is one of the pieces that is currently being reviewed.

I have also been scouting locations for my photography group to do photos in the bluebonnets.  I cannot wait for them to be in full bloom!

So, there you have it.  This whole year of creativity is wonderful, but it is taking a serious hit on the time I have for my blog.  So in conclusion, I need to finish a lot of projects, stop neglecting my blog and keep on keeping on. 

Does anyone have this many projects in the works too?

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