March 13, 2012

Photo 366 #11

This week there was a LOT of rain.  I love the rain.  I am happy for it, but doesn't necessarily provide the best opportunity for photos.  I am still working on indoor photos, they are a struggle for me.  Part of the reason is that my house is surrounded by huge trees, which means there isn't a whole lot of light.  Light is essential for great photos.  Even with all the rain, I did steal out for a few great shots.

March 6 - The moon was full and eerie.  There was a thin layer of clouds that were swiftly moving across the moon.  It created a wonderful halo effect when photographing it.

March 7 - Colton is not a fan of getting his photo taken anymore.  So, this is his pouty, stop taking my photo face.  It's so cute!

March 8 -I hit up the nursery for a look at some more plants.  It was a dark and gloomy day, but I couldn't resist pulling out my camera and photographing a flower that I was unaware could grow in Texas.  I loved seeing Columbines in Colorado, I might have to try planting some of these in my garden.

March 9 - It had been raining for a while and we were all feeling a bit cooped up.  We took the kids to the pizza buffet and then let them play some video games afterwards.  Maben asks me all the time when he will get to drive my car.  After watching his simulated drive...the answer to that question will be, "NEVER!"

March 10 - I spent the night in the garage working on some big projects that I have going on.  Can't wait to get them done so I can show them all off.

March 11 - Despite the rain, a friend of mine and the kids hit the road to scout some bluebonnets and just drive.  The rain seemed to part for us (while it was pouring at home) and produce some amazing skies.

March 12 - Capturing Maben's artwork.  He came up to me, so proud to show me his picture.  I asked him what it was and his reply, "See, there is fire, he's on fire mommy.  There is a firehose and an ant."  "Is there any firemen baby?"  "No mommy, it's a fire ant, no firemen!" 

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