March 27, 2012

Photo 366 #13

I really enjoyed shooting photos this week.  I sought out more opportunities this week, than letting them come to me.  I didn't feel forced to take any photos this, which is amazing!  My trepidation with doing a photo a day for an entire year was losing the urge to want to take photos.  I was really hoping that it wouldn't happen and this week, reassured me that this is something that I am very capable and love doing. 

March 20 - Maben was so excited to have his first pair of rain boots.  He loved being able to splash in the puddles and not have wet feet.  He loves his boots so much that he wanted to sleep in them and wore them for two days, minus sleeping in them.  I have to draw the line somewhere!

March 21 - Colton and I were out and about and decided to swing by a duck pond and found about 20 black bellied whistling ducks.

March 22 - While at the park with the kids, there were a lot of butterflies that kept fluttering through.  I managed to capture this red admiral drinking some nectar from the flowers on the bushes. 

March 23 - The kids, myself and a few friends drove up to Independence, TX again to check out the wildflowers and hit up The Antique Rose Emporium.  That is truly a magical place.  Filled with so much beauty and I cannot wait to try planting some of their roses in one of my flower beds.  Not only is it a nursery, but they host weddings there it's so beautiful.  Here are Maben and Colton standing in front of beautiful wooden doors that belong to the antique chapel on the grounds.

March 24 - The moon was just showing a sliver, but I could make out the shadows in the full moon.  I decided to I needed a better look, so I pulled out my tripod and camera and caught the details that my eyes couldn't quite make out.

March 25 - The whole family hit up the Bayou City Arts Festival with a friend and he managed to score a massive balloon.  Of course my kids were fascinated with it.  I was in good company (lots of artists and art lovers) and no one looked at me too funny for immediately grabbing my camera, laying on the ground and shooting a great perspective of Maben holding a giant balloon.

March 26 - I have been driving around every few days to see if I can find my white hawk again.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen him since I last reported a few weeks ago, but I did find this beautiful scissortail flycatcher. 

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