March 20, 2012

Photo 366 #12

I can't believe I have been doing this for 12 weeks now!  I think I am more impressed that I haven't missed a day yet. 

March 13 - I went out scouting for my white red-tailed hawk, I didn't find him, but I found this normal looking red-tailed hawk.

March 14 - I took the kids to the Houston Rodeo.  It was a super busy day and the lines were really long for everything.  I am talking 45 minute wait for the petting zoo!  I let Maben pick the one thing he really wanted to do and we would wait for that.  He wanted to ride a pony, the $6 and 30 minute wait were worth it for the look on his face.  He didn't have any anxiety (which he normally would), he was just so happy and content up on the pony that it melted my heart.

March 15 - Visited a local farm with a friend of mine and we got to see newborn triplet nubian goats.  We are talking only a few days old.  Aren't they cute?

March 16 - I went to scout out the bluebonnet location that we went to last year and it didn't disappoint.  This is the best local spot I know of. 

March 17 - We spent our St. Patty's day up at Fort Hood welcoming a dear friend home from Afghanistan.  We got to cruise around on post and got out to show the kids some tanks and artillery. 

March 18 - This is Phantom Warrior statue in front of III Corps at Fort Hood.  It is based off of a Frank Frazetta illustration.  If you want to read a little more about the statue, you can go here.

March 19 - I got a serious amount of work done last night on the preschool class craft.  Here is a look at a small portion of the work I did.  This is also the reason why this post is getting put up late today.  I was working on this bad boy til 1am.

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