December 11, 2010

ABC Recipe Swap: Soup Edition

A friend of mine set up an ABC Recipe Swap.  I am sure you might be asking what is that?  Well, there is a group of people that commit to making an entire recipe book A to Z.  We are scrapbooking our pages and a total of 14 of us participating.  There were two categories set up for the swap; soups and casseroles.  We are exchanging these on Monday and so this weekend my time has been filled with finishing up my pages.  For my soups, I was assigned the letters E and S. 

Now, the egg drop soup recipe is one that I have been tweaking for a while and is my own.  The sausage soup is adapted from one that I found on  I didn't change much from it, but it was a good recipe to start with.

I hope you enjoy my pages and I hope that you try doing a recipe swap too.  This was my first time doing one and cannot wait to get all my new recipes and hope they are as tasty as the ones I am giving out.  I do 4 recipes in total and will get 48 new ones.  Works for me!

All the scrapbooking cards are sized 6x6 inches to make them cohesive and able to fit into a small scrapbook.

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