December 20, 2010

Snowman: Part 1

My husband found a cool tutorial in his Woodturning Design magazine and asked me if I would make the snowman for his parents...because he is so nice and awesome like that!  He could have made it himself, but he let me get some relaxing time in the garage, away from the kiddos.

The first part of the snowman that I made was the body.  My husband picked up a block of maple to make it out of.

I then had to turn it until it was round.  I then marked it with where the body of my snowman was going to be located.

I had part the wood down to the diameter that I wanted each section to be.

I then turned each section into the body of my snowman.  I made him not quite as fat as I wanted, but that had to do with my poor reading skills and not the tutorial that I was following.  Oh well, it was still coming along great!

I then sanded down, finished the body and created the tenon at the top of the snowman.

I then parted the snowman off of the lathe and ta dah!, the body of my snowman is complete.

Stay tuned for tomorrow to see how I made the hat of the snowman and how it looks all put together.

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