December 6, 2010

A new blanket

My older son has outgrown his baby blanket, but still insists on sleeping with it, even though if he pulls it up to his chin, it no longer covers his toes.  The nights here have been getting chilly and he refuses to sleep with anything else.  That was until he came with me to Hancock Fabrics one day.  He spotted this Thomas The Train fleece and insisted that he had to have it and it was his blanket.  He actually pulled the fabric off the table and wrapped himself in it on the floor.  (Now I wish I had taken a picture of that!)  I had made him a Cars themed quilt a few months ago, but he refuses to use that because of the texture, so I thought "what the heck, let's give this another try."  I bought 3 yards of the fleece and some blanket binding and brought it home.  After I washed the fleece, I sewed the blanket binding around the edge and TADA! a new blanket for my son.  Now, he wasn't too keen on using it until I told him his baby blanket cannot come downstairs, but Thomas can.  So here he is all wrapped up in his new blanket...oh and he's been sick with a stomach bug all weekend, so lounging around in jammys with a warm blanket and lots of TV is the prescription for a happy child.

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