March 9, 2011

Eagerly Awaiting

I cannot wait for bluebonnet season here in Texas.  Spring is here, pollen is everywhere, that means bluebonnets are just around the corner.  If you have never experienced it, make it a bucket list item.  It's amazing, like seeing peak fall foliage in the Northeast or freshly fallen snow on the Rocky Mountains or the fields of sunflowers in Kansas.  Just one of mother natures wonderful shows.

I took my kids out last year with a bunch of my friends for a day trip to Brenham, TX (known for it's bluebonnets and where Blue Bell ice cream is made) and the fields of wildflowers that we found did not disappoint.  There are plans in the works to do it again and I am starting to get impatient.

The greatest part about the bluebonnets, EVERYONE is out on the side of the road taking photos.  It inspires everyone to break out their cameras and capture the stunning beauty of nature.  Now, some people aren't as smart as others, not a great idea to take your toddlers out of the car on the side of a massive highway and not keep a great eye on them.  We stayed on the side roads, went down the path less traveled and it paid off.

I have no idea what type of flowers the yellow ones are, but one of my girlfriends scouted everything out ahead of time and found a stunning field filled with them. 

I am trying to see if I will stick with the same theme for clothing or something different this year.  The white shirt and jeans are a classic look, not sure if I should change it, or just stick with the classics.  Input?  Ideas?  I am curious what other ideas anyone has.

I love those chubby little cheeks.  Having boys I was initially worried that them being surrounded by flowers wouldn't turn out well...I was so wrong.

It's sad that the bluebonnets only stay in bloom for a few weeks, their peak (if weather permits) lasts only about 2 weeks.  Definitely not long enough.

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  1. What sweet photos! I lived in Texas for many years and one of my favorite photos is in a big patch of bluebonnets along the road! I have 4 sons and know the joy of having boys! ENJOY! ♥


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