March 15, 2011

Counter Top Hospital in Full Swing

Monday was a super rainy dreary Monday.  So the plan of letting the kids burn off energy at the park did NOT happen.  The kiddos did manage to stay busy long enough for me to open up the Counter Top Hospital (aka the spot where all the broken toys end up).  Instead of crafting or creating today, I was saving toys from becoming trash.  Now it was touch and go for a few, and a few didn't make it, but I managed to patch up most of them.

Guido came in with a broken arm.  He ALWAYS comes in with a broken arm, about once a month.  A nice thick glob of glue works...for now.  (Until Colton tries to eat his arm again)

Piggy truck came in with a dislocated wheel.  A little glue fixed that right up.

Squishy Race Car came in with a few gashes.  He was fixed up with a little glue too!  Ahhh, glue you are my best friend.

Tractor came in with a broken leg.  Lots of glue and a little accelerator and he was almost good as new.

The best part about Counter Top Hospital, most of the repairs just require some glue.  I like to use CA glue, because we also have an accelerator for it.  Be very careful with this stuff, there have been more than a few glued fingers in this house.  Good thing we also have the debonder to go with it.

Now last, but definitely not least, Green Blanket.  This is Maben's security blanket.   He came in for some stitches.

Poor Green Blanket, he sprouted another gash within hours of stitching up the first one.  He's already back at the hospital.  Another round of stitches and he will be okay...for a while.  He is getting old.

I am also sad to announce that Tractor has already broken his leg again and doesn't look like he is going to make it.  I tried.

So how was your Monday?

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