March 22, 2011

We (Almost) Have A Fence

As you saw here, we are building a fence.  It's been long overdue but it is almost completely up.  We only have one gate to go and it's done!  YAY, Doing the happy dance!  It was a lot of hard work done mostly by the men, but I worked hard in a completely different way.  I watched the kids and made sure everyone was hydrated, fed and happy.  I did however get to at least try out our new nail gun purchased from Harbor Freight.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try out a new power tool!

Nail guns, seriously just make short work out of nailing anything.  It also makes a really cool noise every time you fire it.  Have I mentioned that I love guns?  Oh, really, I haven't...well, I love guns and shooting (bullets or nails) is just plain fun. 

Yup, I loved it!  The only thing I didn't love was how heavy it was, but being a mommy, I now have mommy guns (crazy strong arms) from toting kids around all the time.  I didn't mind the weight that much, but I also didn't do a ton of nailing.  I only got to sneak out while kiddos were sleeping.

Our fence wouldn't be almost complete without the help of our awesome neighbor's nephew, Tyler.  We hire him often for grunt work and he earns his money.  I love that kid's work ethic.

I also have to mention his dad, Pat.  If you saw my previous post about working smarter, you would know that Pat is the man!  Thanks Pat!  Your experience is invaluable.  I am sure we will consult you on something in the near future.

And last, but certainly NOT LEAST, my super sexy hubby.  You are fantastic and I totally don't mind seeing you all sweaty and sexy and toting around power tools.  I also love/hate your wanting everything to be super perfect.  In the case of the fence, I loved it! 

There is no super duper reveal with the fence, because,'s a fence.  I also need to desperately landscape my yard and have been waiting until we had a fence to do that.  We are also in the process of getting rid of debris.  So, I promise, down the road I will show you better photos of my new fence.

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