March 14, 2011

Get Low

I met up with my photo group on Friday at a local nursery who happens to sell the best plants EVER!  If you are ever in the West Houston area, I encourage you to head to Enchanted Gardens or Enchanted Forest.  Super knowledgeable staff and very friendly.  They have been so nice to allow my MOMS Club and photo group to invade their property for some great photo opportunities and the occasional craft. 

This month's challenge for the photo group was, "Get Low."  So often, being taller than our children, we shoot from our point of view, not theirs.  So, I spent over an hour squatting, sitting and laying down to get some shots of my kids.

I have to say I got a few great shots, but definitely had some difficulty with lighting.  It just happened to be the most beautifully sunny day we have had in a while, without a cloud in the sky.  It created a lot of harsh shadows, which is apparent in the first photo, so most of the photos that did turn out happened in the shade.

These few photos were taken in front of a store front...and by front, I really mean it is just the front of an old looking store.  Not sure if it was recovered or built by the nursery, but makes a great backdrop.

Both of my kids were sitting in a wagon when I took these shots too, so I was getting dirty while sitting on the ground.  I just wish I could have gotten a decent photo of the two of them together.  Oh well, another time.

The other neat thing about this nursery, they have a few animals.  At this location, they have a chicken coop and a goat pen.  My kids were fascinated by the goats.

This last one wasn't as low as I wanted to get, but directly behind me were other kids huddling the side of the chicken coop.  If I were to get any lower, I would have taken out a poor kid with my bottom.  Even still, I love the shot. 

As you can see, I have been learning a lot about my new camera and been getting lots of practice in with it.  One of the resources that I use is a free online photography book that I found.  It was created by a photography teacher in NYC, Jim Beecher.  Check it out by clicking here.  Between that and the manual for your camera, I can't think of much more you need to know about your own camera.

P.S.  I actually printed out the manual and put it in a binder for quick reference.  Super helpful!

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