March 4, 2011

A Pretty Painted Rock

After I meandered through the garden decor section of Hobby Lobby yesterday, I thought about painted rocks.  They didn't have any cute painted rocks at Hobby Lobby, but some little metal bugs that looked so cute and I could recreate for well...FREE!  Free is way better than 50% off.

So I wondered around my yard and found some rocks.  I then washed and dried my rocks.

I didn't paint all of these last night.  After starting the first one, I realized I should have "primed" them with some gesso.  Instead of just stopping and doing that, I pushed forward with one and it took HOURS!  We all make mistakes that cost us time...but at least my time was relaxing and the kids were sleeping.

Lots of layers were put on.  I think at least 3 coats of red.  2 of black.  That's a lot of drying time.

All those coats.  Totally worth it in the end.  I think my painted ladybug rock turned out beautiful.  She will sit somewhere in my budding flower garden out front.  How I love I love that it looks like most of my flower garden survived me neglecting it during all these hard freezes we experienced this winter.

Maybe she will sit in the yellow flowers that I forgot the name of. 

I think I like her better in my purple shamrock.  It's more festive that way...since it is March and St. Patty's day is right around the corner.  I have a lot more rocks to paint.  I wonder when I am going to get around to that?


  1. Cute! I really like your lady bug! I was looking at it thinking, I could do that - then I saw the eyes - I'm thinking I couldn't do the eyes so well. My ladybug might have to have googly eyes! :)

  2. Oh, the eyes are easy. It's 4 painted ovals. Googly eyes would be cool too. Maybe I will make one for Maben with googly eyes.


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