March 6, 2011

Preschool Class Craft: Part 4

If you are just finding this, please check out all the other parts to this saga.

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I finished the bench!  Well, the construction part.  Painting is still in progress.

I started with fixing the orientation of the slats.  If you remember from part 3, I screwed that up.  (I know, bad pun)

After that quick fix, I had to bust out the wood filler.  The wood dried out a little more, so some of my joints pulled apart a little.  Another quick easy fix.

Wood filler and a putty knife is all that is needed.  What is funny about the filler, totally looks like and has the same texture as butter cream frosting.  Looks good enough to eat, but I don't recommend it.

All you do, use the putty knife to force the filler into the crevasses and flatten it with the edge of the knife.

Easy peasy!  Then you let it dry.  It takes a couple hours to dry, then you can sand it flat.

I used a random orbital sander to smooth out a few joints, soften a few edges and clean up some of the rough end grain.  The one my hubby and I use is from Porter Cable.

It's important that you line up your sandpaper with the little holes.  It pulls the dust away as you are sanding.  Even though it does a great job sucking up the dust...I take extra precaution.  This is pressure treated lumber, which means it's laced with all sorts of chemicals.

Rock one of these and save your lungs!  I prefer the full face mask over the little white ones.  Those always let in stuff on the sides.  They just don't fit my face as well as the full mask.

Assembled and sanded.  Doesn't it look awesome!?!?!?  I am so excited that the construction of it is complete.  The bench part is removable, which prevents causing stress on the bench when you move it..

Also strong enough to hold myself and hubby on it while bouncing up and down.  It passed the stress test and is ready for painting.

Showing this project off.  I think it deserves to be shown!

A Marvelous Mess


  1. What a great idea!!! I'm might just have to borrow that for this summer. I would love it if you would link this up to my blog party, A Marvelous Mess. Each party I pick one project to feature for a week on my sidebar!! Here is the link:

  2. OK, I'm imagining you and Matt jumping up and down on it and cracking up! :) Miss you. It's beautiful!!! I love it. Definitely a great project to auction off!!!

  3. I don't know...with all the weight you've lost lately, that might not be a sufficient stress test... :) Looks like you've had some very satisfying sessions in the garage. Using power tools always make me feel good. :)

  4. I LOVE this!!! Following along! :D

  5. You look HOT in that mask...just had to tell ya :)


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