March 20, 2011

Design For The Hubby

My husband has the luxury of having an artist as a wife who dabbles in just about anything creative.  He asked me to design a logo and banner for him and his blog.  If you checked out my hubby's blog via the post "Stealing From My Husband," you would have noticed that he has a rather plain looking blog at the moment.  I am trying to help him spruce it up and need some feedback.

Please let me know what you think of the blog banner and logo.  Keep in mind that it is called, "C4 - Explosive Leadership Tactics."  It's a leadership blog, my husband blogs about how he has taken the lessons learned from being a leader in the military and applying them to the corporate world.  He also throws in a lot of humor, because my husband is quite funny.

Blog Banner


Please keep in mind these are not to scale.  The blog banner will be larger and the logo will probably be viewed much smaller, like on a business card.  My husband is in desperate need of a business card for his blog as he has also been giving public speeches lately.  He has presented a speech on the dangers of multi-tasking.  The statistics from the post I stole from my husband were included in this speech.  We are hoping to get his blog updated and business cards ordered soon as he is booking more speaking engagements.

Please let me know what you think of the designs and any changes you would think would enhance them.

I appreciate your feedback and so does my husband!

1 comment:

  1. what it would be like for them. I love the little details that weren’t mine -the sandals, the pouches on Cheepa-cheep’s belt. And of course the feather, which I had imagined as small but works so well as a battle standard. black vinyl fence


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