March 11, 2011

Do The Safety Dance

If you have read up on my awesome Preschool Class Craft adventure, you would have seen that I totally ripped of Norm Abram and gave his safety speech.  You would have also seen the result of a shop accident I had that prompted that speech.

So, today I am joining up on Sawdust and Paperscraps linky Safety Party.

You will now get to see me in all my splendid geeky glory.  Feel free to laugh, it's obvious women do not design shop safety gear, otherwise it would be functional and pretty!

The item I wear most often in the shop is my facemask.  Wearing glasses, it makes it difficult to find safety glasses that fit properly and comfortably over the top of them.

Some jobs require the safety glasses instead of the face shield.  Usually, it is in conjunction with my face mask.

By the way, I LOVE my face mask.  I have always had problem with the felt like white papery ones.  The full mask does a great job.  It is also surprisingly comfortable to wear and doesn't make me feel claustrophobic.  Isn't it funny, I can wear that thing but turtlenecks send my anxiety through the roof?

Also, hearing protection is super important.  Even though I know some sign language, I don't want to have to rely solely on that.  The bad part about the big ear muffs, I can't wear the face shield with it.  So I often look like this.

Now that I have my eyes, ears and lungs protected, lets move onto other safety gear.  I wear work gloves a lot.  They have soft leather palms and are probably the only semi cute item that I wear in the shop.

Ooohhhh.....Ahhhhh....they put flowers on my women's Mechanix gloves!  All kidding aside, these things are awesome and going on three years old and holding up great.  Love them!

The last thing I am going to show you is knee pads.  They make me feel a little like an 80's dancing pop star, but that's way better than dealing with sore, bruised up knees when you are stuck kneeling on concrete, tile or any other completely uncomfortable surface.

Now, if you have hung with me this long, you can fully laugh out loud, because when I strap on all this gear, it makes me feel like I belong in a comic book.  I am Tool Woman!

Do The Safety Dance!

Did I make it worth it?  Are you laughing at me?  I am laughing while typing this.  I'm such a dork.  So, strap on your gear and join me on over at Sawdust and Paperscraps and laugh at everyone else too!


  1. I'm totally laughing WITH you here! You can't gear up and NOT do the safety dance. Ooh, and you rock the knee pads!
    :-) Sandra

  2. LOL, Im so glad I wasn't the only goober out there dressing up and laughing at myself today hahahaha

    And I so need one of thsoe masks!

  3. I am laughing...maybe just a little! But I think safety equipment is SO important! Good for YOU! ♥ I love your little mats that you made, too in the post below! What a great idea! ♥

  4. Laughing with you, right?!? Awesome gear! You look great!! And I hear you on turtlenecks!!!

  5. LOVE IT!!! Especially the face mask. The star wars theme song is going through my head now. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hmmm, you've got me thinking now. I've still got my volleyball knee pads from high school collecting dust somewhere. Might have to drag those out and use them again :)

    Love your safety dance!!

  7. You've reminded me that I totally left out my knee pads! With all of the tiling that I've done, they are sooooo necessary! Love your funny pics!


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