August 15, 2011


I want to take a moment and apologize for my lack of posts.  I am home from Vermont, the kids and I all brought home a lovely cold which morphed for me into a sinus infection and double ear infection.  Maben has an ear infection and had to get booster shots and Colton is still suffering with just a cold.  We also arrived home to have a broken hot water tank which is thankfully now fixed.  I'm still not up to my usual self, but finally feel like this horrible sickness is starting to leave my body...but not without a fight.

Without further ado...more highlights from Southern Vermont.

One of my favorite things to do when I go somewhere new is to check out the local shopping.  When you are off in the country, you find some real gems.  There has to be a reason why places exist and thrive.  Basketville is one of those places and has been around since 1940's, but really rooted back all the way to 1842.

Seriously, I think I could have spent all day in this place.  It was a massive building dedicated to all types of baskets for sale.  I never knew that many types of baskets/basketry/wicker furniture existed. 

Aisles upon aisles that all looked like this!  

I could have taken photos of far more aisles, but honestly, I was a little overwhelmed.

That is totally a giant dinosaur basket there in the middle, with a few giraffes hanging behind him.

While I was busy browsing and trying not to blow my entire vacation budget in one place, my MIL was hanging out with the kids watching them build this.

Every mega store has a toy aisle, or two...even if the mega store is dedicated to baskets! 

My haul out of the place was much smaller than I thought it would be.  I brought home a free trade basket made in Ghana.

The detailing is just beautiful.  I also loved the magenta color to it.  I've never seen a basket with that color before, which is why I chose it.

To keep myself from spending far too much, I told myself I would only purchase as much as could fit in this basket.  So I picked up some cute basket apples.  Maybe as teacher gifts.

And I can't pass up local made food.  I can't wait to try the maple/apple stuff on some pancakes, or maybe some pork.  Oh, and that pumpkin butter I think would be awesome mixed with some cream cheese on a bagel. I'm hungry!

And it actually all fits in my basket.  I kept to my word.  Except now I discovered that you can shop their basket selection online on their websiteUh oh

Has anyone else found some local gems like this place?  If so...please do share! 

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