August 2, 2011

Favorite Photo Tuesday #17

Colton is my Daredevil!

He is my child that will run into a wall, because he thinks it is funny to bounce off of it and fall down.

He likes to spin in circles because it makes him dizzy and fall over.

He is my child that has scaled anything he puts his mind to without thought of how to get down.

I was fairly convinced he was fearless...that was until I put him on a carousel horse and it started moving.

This is a rare capture.  I have never seen him this scared or upset before.  He is typically the kid that just needs a hug and a quick kiss and it will remedy any injury that he sustains.

The carousel took lots of snuggles to get over.  And since I couldn't stop the carousel, unbuckle and remove him, I took his picture instead.

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