August 6, 2011

If you haven't noticed, I have been snapping photos, a lot of them.  I am really enjoying my camera and now that I am much more familiar with it.  When I find a subject matter that I enjoy, I take an enormous amount of photographs of it.  I try out different lighting/times of day (if possible) and different angles. 

My in-laws put in a new bird, bee and butterfly garden has given me great inspiration and great subject matter to just keep snapping.  I am sure before my trip is over I will have another great handful of photos to share.  This group of shots is of one type of flower and butterfly. 

Flower: Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus' or the common name of Magnus Purple Coneflower
Butterfly: Boloria bellona or the common name of Meadow Fritillary
(side note: I believe that is the correct info for the butterfly, I had to look at several guides on the internet and none of them had a great photo, but I did what I could.  If I am wrong, please correct me.)

I love all of these photos and can't wait to show off even more of scenic Vermont.

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  1. I took a picture of a similar earlier this month. Mine ended up being a Variegated Fritillary but I thought it was a Mexican Fritillary. Here's the post:

    I actually submitted it to the Butterflies and Moths of North America and emailed me back and told me what it was and logged my entry into their sightings table. Here's the website:


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