August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Maben

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my first baby, Maben.  We spent a very fun filled day with whatever Maben wanted to do.  Here is a quick break down of his best birthday yet!

Maben started the day off throwing rocks and playing in the dirt.

After getting good and dirty, we took a nature hike to look for some wildlife.

We found lots of butterflies and wildflowers!

We retreated for some lunch and a little relaxing time before we charged back up and headed to the dam for some swimming.

Maben loved playing with his "submarine."  He refused to call it a boat, it was a submarine because he kept putting it under water.  (Uncle Scott...he must get that from you!)

I showed the kids some local the form of a bullfrog tadpole.  I still got some skills, catching tadpoles with a bucket, I haven't done this is about 20 years.

This is actually Colton, but I can't resist showing off his face when he came up close and personal with the tadpole.

Maben played lots of catch with Grandpa, forcing him to get fairly soaked while retrieving the ball.

After lots of fun at a Vermont beach, we headed back to the Grandparents house and Maben helped Grandpa pick some blueberries.

We all ate some dinner and then sang some, "Happy Birthday," to my now 4 year old little guy!

I turned a tray of cupcakes into a Capt. America shield.

Maben blew out his candle and then dug into the cupcake of his choice.

Maben and Colton opened up presents from Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of the night was spent playing until bedtime.

Maben loved his birthday and both of the kids were so worn out that neither of them fought going to bed.  The only thing missing today was daddy...who is stuck back in Texas having to work.  Birthday #2 will happen after we get back.  What a lucky duck...two birthday celebrations.

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