August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Maben had his first day of school today.  Afternoon Pre-K.  Maben has been so excited for starting school. 

He can't wait to play on the playground, even though we are now on our 33rd consecutive day of 100+ degree heat.

He wants to meet his new friends, none of which either of us know.  So, we strapped on his brand new back pack and were all ready to go.

It wasn't a far walk to school, but man is it hot out!  There was even an announcement at the school that the kids were allowed to have recess outside because the heat index put it only at 104!

Daddy joined us in our walk to school for the very first day.  Both boys were more than excited to have daddy home mid day. 

I'm so proud of my big boy.  He left us without any tears.  Now, he didn't look super eager, he was a little nervous, but I honestly wouldn't expect any less.  Here's to hoping he had a wonderful day!

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